Black Diamond System

MacInnes Tool Corporation provides precision industrial cutting instruments for glass including PRO-SCORE hand-held cutters, PRO-SCORE glass cutting wheels, inserts, carbide axles, and MACTO wheel mounts and offers PRO-SCORE glass cutter resharpening services.

MacInnes Tool Corporation has been focused on developing and refining precision glass cutting wheels and wheel holding systems for the glass industry for more than fifty years. Our mission remains unchanged: To supply glass cutting instruments consistently of the highest quality and precision, in a timely and professional manner. You can rely on MacInnes Tool Corporation to be a trouble-free, risk-free supplier.


Every PRO-SCORE wheel MacInnes Tool Corporation manufactures is painstakingly mounted and used to actually test cut glass assuring that customers receive a quality wheel that cuts smooth, straight and without "skips." We use a specially formulated ultra fine-grain tungsten carbide exclusively for our glass cutting wheels, which together with our tightly controlled dimensions and tip finish assure our customers of consistent quality from wheel to wheel, shipment to shipment.



Because of the long life and high precision of its PRO-SCORE Carbide Glass Cutting Wheels, MacInnes Tool Corporation exercises great care in the design and manufacture of its MACTO™ Wheel Mounts. These mounts have been proven over many years to be versatile in function over a wide range of cutting applications and to be extremely reliable and durable in use. We offer over 100 different styles and specialize in making custom mounts to meet your particular requirements.



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