Black Diamond System

MacInnes Tool Corporation provides precision industrial cutting instruments for glass including PRO-SCORE hand-held cutters, PRO-SCORE glass cutting wheels, inserts, carbide axles, and MACTO wheel mounts and offers PRO-SCORE glass cutter resharpening services.

For the Hobbyist

MacInnes Tool Corporation manufactures Pro-Score® carbide glass cutting wheels and Macto™ tools for industrial use. We have a $100.00 Minimum order requirement which makes it difficult to handle small orders.

We suggest that you contact Sunshine Glassworks Ltd. for our products. They sell Pro-Score® Handles and carbide glass cutting wheels. They handle retail and wholesale orders and accept credit cards. They also sell a variety of additional products and can advise you about scoring and working with glass in non-industrial applications.

Sunshine Glassworks Ltd.
Sunshine Square
111 Industrial Prkwy
Buffalo, NY 14227
1-800-828-7159 or 1-716-668-2918
Fax: 1-716-668-2932


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