Black Diamond System

MacInnes Tool Corporation provides precision industrial cutting instruments for glass including PRO-SCORE hand-held cutters, PRO-SCORE glass cutting wheels, inserts, carbide axles, and MACTO wheel mounts and offers PRO-SCORE glass cutter resharpening services.

MACTO Wheel Mounts


MacInnes precision Quick Change Inserts are manufactured from hardened tool steel and come with a carbide axle. Inserts are interchangeable and most of our posts and units can be designed to accommodate an insert. Inserts increase the life of your tooling since wear from the cutting wheel on the slot occurs in a replaceable part and not the tool itself. Customers have reported that being able to maintain the slot closer to tolerance over the life of the tool generally results in increased wheel life of up to 30%. Also available are MacInnes Pre-Loaded Quick Change Inserts in many of our commonly sold angles.
Our pre-loaded insert is laser engraved with the wheel angle eliminating confusion for the operator.



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